Levels Resetting - Bug?

I noticed the past couple days that levels in Adventure mode seem to be resetting several times a day. For example after looting level 8-9 the 5 allowed times i come back an hour later and can loot again. I also sometimes seem to have more stamina than i should, making me wonder if the game is just forgetting my progress.
I also had my rewards for winning the last arena season disapear…

This happens when you have leftover attempts from yesterday but haven’t restarted your game from fresh today. Unless your getting stamina for guild check-ins, I don’t know whats up with that or your arena progress

Yeah I’m not sure. The levels haven’t been resetting more than the once today. So maybe it was just my phone/internet connection. Just wanted to put it out there in case anyone else was experiencing it too.
My arena progress was never off, it’s just that i won the last arena round and received the rewards but then when i logged in the next time they were gone. So now I’m in a higher arena bracket having gotten first place in the last one but at a severe disadvantage not having been able to buy anymore 6 start equipment :frowning:

Hi @Jacq, can I please grab your game id? Please keep me posted if it happens again in the future.

Than you for resending the arena rewards. The levels stopped resetting so i think it was a problem with my internet not a bug.