Level 20 Code Doesn't Work

I can not redeem my reward code for reaching level 20! Why???

Hi @Elizabeth_Luke, thank you for reaching out. Reward code is used for other shikudo games and the currently supported game is Wokamon. If you are having issues receiving rewards in Wokamon, can you please let us know your connected Facebook nickname so we can investigate?

Hi Mark,

Wokamon is the game I was trying to redeem the code with to get the 500 Topaze. When I enter the code it says “Waiting” then does nothing.

Hi, thank you for the update. Have you connected to Facebook? If you do, can you please send us a screenshot of the last tab (profile)? You can send it to mars.zhu@shikudo.com. Thank you for your patience!

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I will send you an email. Thanks

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