Level 10/10 Normal Mode issue

Hello, I’m writing because I’ve defeated level 10/10 three times in 8 rounds or under and it keeps saying it’s only a two-star win… all other “battles” are 3-Star if you complete each round of the battle in under 2 rounds… so 10/10 should be a 3-Star win if you beat it in 8 rounds (there are 4 “waves total”) … over here holding at 299/300 stars for Normal mode completed and it’s driving my OCD tendencies bonkers :wink:

Thank you for your support!


Hi Sarah,

To know the « star requirement », you have to click on the stars before run the battle, there is a little « i » for information.
And in this case, for 10-10, you have to finish the battle with less than 7 round. :wink:

Good luck !


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Interesting… then I wonder if it’s more of a balance issue because I’ve completed nearly all of level 10 Nightmare Mode with three stars (on my first try) but not able to meet the requirement for 10/10 Normal Mode… and the opponents are so much higher level, below is my current standing on 10/10 Nightmare Mode.


The -10 stages are always harder. The increased difficulty is also indicated by the different icon for the stage. It’s more formidable in appearance and not the little dot/bubble of the rest of the stages for each level. I think most games are set up like this, the last stage is always harder, having a bigger enemy to overcome, before passing onto the next level.

Sorry for any misunderstanding, I’ll try to clarify. I’ve nearly completed all the stages for the next world up Nightmare Mode, and have a lingering issue with the less difficult Normal Mode. So what Im saying is that 10 levels beyond the level Im having issues with is “easier” than one level a world ago with significantly weaker opponents.

Ah, I understand. It could be that level 10-10, the final stage of each level, is harder. I know I had to go back at a later time to get all three stars for the 10-10 levels, for all three- Normal, Nightmare and Hell.


i’m a little late but I recommend using heroes that can take out multiple enemies at once with their skill. 7 rounds is only possible if one of waves of enemies can be defeated in a single sweep