Legendary Glyphs

Almost all of my Glyphs are Epic except 2.
I have not been able to obtain any Legendary Glyph so far. They never seem to drop for me in the Mystic Cabin.

Out of curiosity, does anyone else has already obtained a Legendary Glyph?
And no, I’m not talking about the Legendary Health Glyph in the Shop. xD

Love the new Co-op update!

I dont even know the purpose og EXP glyphs. I cant use it. Anw I got 1 legendary glyphs from mystic cabin

If you merge glyphs, the EXP glyphs will show up. They give a great boost.

Good to know that someone else got them legendaries

If you saw a speed glyph 1 with the purple glyph, you need to add the purple glyph to the slot. If you merge it, you can merge it with the same colour of glyph or different colour of the glyph. If you need to put the glyph in the slot, you need to see the beside colour of the slot to put the glyph. You can merge the glyph in following pattern with orange glyph :arrow_right: purple glyph :arrow_right: blue glyph :arrow_right: green glyph :arrow_right: white glyph. This Exp will show up if the colour is matched in the same order. If you saw a red X, that means it is the orange glyph is higher than the purple glyph. You will saw :x: in the orange glyph.