Koala bundle FAQ

The koalas need our help
Thousands of koalas have been killed and millions of hectares of their habitat destroyed in the bushfires that have swept across parts of Australia since the 2019 bushfire season began. The ones left are likely to suffer from smoke inhalation and burns. These koalas desperately need help and urgent attention.

As an indie game developer, we would like to donate a portion of our income, helping to restore the koala habitat. We would like to have your support, and together let’s help the endangered species!

  • A special package, AUD $1.99, contains a special Koala avatar, 360 sunshine, and 10 gold chests
  • All proceeds (after the store cut) from this package item will be donated to the WWF koala fund
  • The package is available from Dec 2019 - Mar 2020
  • The donation will be made on a monthly basis starting from Feb 2020
  • WWF Koala fund page: Donate to Charity - Save Wildlife | Donate | WWF Australia

Donation details
2019 Dec - 2020 Jan
Donated AUD 348.94
Proceed details
Donation email receipt

2020 Feb donation
Donated AUD 140.92
Proceed details
Donation email receipt

2020 Mar donation
Donated AUD 125.16
Proceed details
Donation email receipt

What else can we do?
Saving the koala, or any animal or ecosystem begins with each individual person. Everyone, no matter how small, can do something to help. If each person did even one little thing, like encouraging their family to recycle or to save water or electricity, it would add up to a lot of help for the environment. Did you know that there are over 7 BILLION people in the world? Imagine if they each decided to help the environment in even the tiniest way, that would be 7 billion little bits of help for the environment!

Koalas thanking your support! Image by Welcome to all and thank you for your visit ! ツ from Pixabay