Knight's Paladin Specialisation

I’m thinking about having a knight for the end game and picking the paladin specialisation instead of the Warrior’s last stand (I dont’ have the resrcs to switch).
This is all depending on the Renew skill, which is only obscurely described in the release note. How low does the HP have to drop for the HP regeneration to begin? And what specific percentage of maximum HP does the skill regenerate each round?


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I’d suggest you having a warrior instead of knight.

If you have faced a 6-7 star Warrior then you’d know that its invulnerable after it has lost all its hp for 3 rounds.

That’s enough for you to kill the enemies heroes

I’m all for straying away from the standard Warrior/Mage/Mage/Mage team. Good for you for being brave and stepping out of the box!

I’ve got an endgame Knight Paladin. I haven’t played with Renew as I’ve found Sacrifice very beneficial to my team. It takes in the damage of my squishy heroes when cast.

Maybe I’ll test out Renew and get back to you.


Thanks guys appreciate your help. @Ewe_Gnomee could you show me the details for sacrifice as well?