Just got a Fitbit how do I connect my existing account

I have a Fitness RPG account on my Pixel 3A and just got a Fitbit Versa Lite today. I want to connect it to my Fitness RPG account but there’s no option now to sync a device. Is there a way to fix it?

Hi, you can click ‘Fit tower’, then go to the 3rd tab ‘devices’ where you can connect to a new device. Please note that the device will only start working after midnight.

What if you have a Garmin device?

If you are running Android and you can export your steps to Google Fit, then you can sync with Google Fit to retrieve your steps.

iOS. I think I have it figured out, but the steps that show up in Fit Tower don’t match Apple Health. How does it figure out how many steps to record?

when you click on fit tower, then go to your devices, does it say you’re connected to your phone? that’s weird, i have an iphone too and my steps match in fitnessrpg and apple health. only thing i can think is to try downloading an app called “pedometer+” and see if that helps. my steps all match in apple health, pedometer+, and fitessrpg.

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