Jammed ! Just started

I’m stuck at the very beginning …steps are being counted fine but I can’t see how to convert to energy to evolve -just keeps taking me to this forum) tapping on everything on the screen doesn’t work …,what am I doing wrong please

Max steps you can convert per day is 30k. It should ask u to convert steps when u open game from background

@Doreen, sorry to hear that you are having issues with Fitness Fantasy. Can you please let me know which part of the tutorial did you get stuck with? A screenshot will be fine.

Thank you!

Hi, I haven’t been able to open the tutorial

@Doreen, thank you for reporting the issue. Can you please try to reinstall the game? And also please let us know your game id if you happen to pass the tutorial this time so that I can send you some compensation for the trouble you went through. This will also help us greatly to find your old account so we can debug the problem.

Please let me know.

Thank you!

Hi, no I’ve deleted and reinstalled already and just now did it again
I can’t get anything to work …just loops me back to the forum FAQ :slightly_frowning_face:

Any ideas ? I’d love to play !

@Doreen, thank you for trying again. This is weird. Did you stuck in the same tutorial step, i.e: click the hero section?

Will try to explain…game loads, follow the big hand/finger for level one, play a “challenge”? Where 2 players are “fighting”?. This takes my gold nuggets at the top right down to 9. The game then prompts me to tap on the player which rolls me back to the forum faqs

…also nothing is working on the screen …I can’t open the tutorial top left, or a gift next to it, or indeed any of the functions
I did get a chest with cards to flip but cards didn’t flip (basically just me tapping everywhere!)
So yes, reinstalling game for 3rd time I’m jammed at same place

…finally, yes …it’s when I tap “click the hero” on the right,
Brings up text box below saying need to upgrade

@Doreen, thank you for the reply. We really want to troubleshoot issue as we believe other players may experience the same problem.

Do you think there’s a chance you can reinstall and record the whole process so we can know what’s wrong with it?

If not, I’ll list the correct tutorial procedures here and please let me know which is not working correctly. We were also not too sure what it means by ‘The game then prompts me to tap on the player which rolls me back to the forum faqs’. Do you think you can take a screenshot where it forces you to go to the forum faqs?

  1. Story appears, let you enter your name
  2. Go to battle screen -> click the 1st stage -> fight the monster and win
  3. Go back to the home screen -> click the Heroes section -> Level up (this will bring the ‘gold nuggets’ to 9)
  4. Go to battle screen -> click the 2nd stage -> fight the monster and win
  5. Go back to the home screen -> click the Heroes section -> Level up -> tells you that you don’t have energy
  6. A window popups up and asks you to walk 10 steps
  7. Once you finish the task -> a popup to inform you that you’ve earned some ‘gold nuggets’ -> you can now levelup the hero

Please let me know.

Ha! 4th attempt it seems to be working
It was the point 6 it jammed on previous installs …I’ve just jogged around my lounge, it recorded the steps and let me level up !! Thanks for whatever you did …I’ll have a play later and let you know if any issues (looks fun!)

Hello, I have the same problem

@Doreen glad it’s all working. Actually, we didn’t do anything on our end :frowning: One question, in the screenshots I see you have accessed our FAQ page, is there a ‘finger’ force you to do it? Or it’s the color which makes you think that you have to click the FAQ in order to proceed?

@Ms.Kate, can you please let me know where you got stuck?

Now there’s a thought :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I may well have just pressed the FAQ instead of trying to do the steps. Once installed, even when I reopened the only option I think was to press FAQ

Thank you for letting us know. We’ll revise this screen next week. Can you please let me know your game id? (in the settings page) I’ll send over something for the trouble you’ve gone through!

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Awesome…,thank you
Am still finding my way around (not my usual sort of game😉) …what do I “spend” the crystals on ?

@Doreen, you can collect the crystals in the mailbox. You can spend the crystals on new heroes, new equipments, open more tower chests, or purchasing more stamina so you can clear more stages :slight_smile:

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