I've lost all my data?

Hi !
From the last update, it was impossible to go more far than the welcome screen.
Log with Facebook didn’t work.
So I click on “local guest”, and I begin to zero!
I’ve lost all my data?
I hope not. I’ve played at this from before April 2015…
Please help.

Hi @Vincent_Seomis

You can go to Wokamon settings and choose login with Facebook to get back your previous data.

I’ve already did this. But I’m afraid that the “new party” save on the older!! (I hope not! Because there were no alerts at all. For more than 1year and 6month of data, And I had millions points… I hope I will succeed to recup my data.)I have only “lele” right now.

Please, can you check if my data is somewhere?
There is something good : I have always 6213134 points (second on overall ranking of my friend list).
But only one wokamon right now…


I’m in the same situation. I had to get a new phone, and selected FB as my login. It saved my friends list, but nothing else about my account…