It forgot my team for the daily event

So I missed the first round of rewards. :slightly_frowning_face:

We’ve all done it :woman_facepalming:

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It’s never happened before with either server. I guess I was lucky… but I had taken for granted that the game would remember my setup and keep it automatically. My player level is ~155 and ~60 on each server; have been playing since the beginning of May. :sweat: Just disappointed. At least it didn’t wipe my whole player profile, like at least a couple others have had happen.

It happened again! :flushed::face_with_raised_eyebrow::frowning:

Oh I see :frowning:️ I misunderstood what you said on the first post

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And again. I’m getting irritated.

How do we get the attention of the people in charge?

And in case there’s any question, I’m saving my team each time this happens.

Btw this character/server still forgets my team each day. :confused: @marspark

@artemis512 how come I can’t remember seeing this post, my apologizes :frowning: We’ll investigate this next week after the big update goes live.


Big update sounds interesting.

I had problem with the server forgetting my team team too. But since now I use only “loot” option, I can wait for the update.

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Each event has different team saved I think. So you have to save at least 4 days in a row, one for each event. But I saw this too, I thought it forgot after the update they introduced pets, but can’t say for sure. One day I saw one with only one hero instead of 4 so I could give up and go setup my team again. But if there are zero heros it just loots for you.

It’s ok, @marspark. I really appreciate that you’ve been so accessible to us.

@Cactuar Not sure. It still forgets my team every day on that account, though I save every time I play the event.

@marspark - it still forgets my team for daily event, except for just one member of the team. The pets are remembered. And it’s only like this on one server.

The other issue my game still has is the account conflict with Hawtpeas and Artemis. I hope this will be fixed soon, as it’s inconvenient to have to reconnect Facebook and choose “server” every time I switch servers to play as Artemis.

Thank you and your team for all your help and hard work! You are always so polite. :blush: