Issue syncing with Mi Band (light sensor)

I had no issue syncing it for past one month until I found that I cannot sync the band to the app today.

Despite following the suggestion to save the data and deleting the app (How to sync Mi band? - #3 by Shikudo-David), I still face the same issue. Why is today having issue when I don’t face for the past one month?

Attached here is the screenshot.

Please advise on what I need to do to get the sync working.

I am facing this issue as well.

Hi Wokamon Fans

Bacause now Xiaomi(Miband) is charging us to sync with miband, Wokamon temporarily cancel the cooperation with Miband, thank you for your understanding and support

Hi any solution? I had to change to play with phone and it will start counting the steps.

It is not helping at all. Developers, can check into this?

We really want to find a solution. We have been communicating with Xiaomi and finding out anyways to work around this. Unfortunately we haven’t heard anything back. While we still wait for Xiaomi’s response, we are doing our best to improve our product so that we can make enough profit to pay for all the resources and these extra changes. Thank you for your understanding and support.