Issue: Powerups not taking effect, other bugs

Thank you, Shikudo, for creating an adorable and engaging game.

I may be having an issue with several Powerups earned in the lab. I read in other posts that the Powerups should automatically take effect, but i haven’t always seen it happening. I’ve described two examples below.

  1. Backpack Powerup
    Displays 6 in hexagon and 55/100 in status bar. In addition, I purchased at least two upgrades with energy before gaining access to the lab. I have 51 spots in storage, which has not changed for 5+ levels and many flasks.

  2. Scepter Powerup
    Displays 2 in hexagon and 2/5 in status bar. I have 12 videos per day. I had 12 before the second flask. It’s possible this is taking effect the next day, as the day seems to turn over at GMT.

Some bugs, also mentioned in other posts, below.
3) Step storing
I linked my phone to track steps for energy conversion. Very few have been stored and I have not redeemed any yet. This is not a big deal, because amassing energy is far easier than getting amethysts. I already have 3 million excess energy while waiting for amethysts to complete World 3.

  1. App crashing
    I tend to hop in and out of the game frequently. After doing this twice, the app starts very slowly. If I don’t wait until it catches up before starting to interact with it, it freezes. Sometimes it re-starts the launch (with percentage bar) several times. Then I clear the process and re-launch. After re-launching twice, the app won’t load the third time. At this point, I either have to end the process again and clear the cache, or re-start my phone.

  2. Helping friends
    This is not a bug, per se, but a limitation. Frequently when helping friends with their orders, I will tap help, and the loading guy will pop up but the order doesn’t update. If I tap over to messages or friend list and back again, the item will now be filled by someone else. I’m guessing this is a server connection issue, where multiple users are helping on the same order item simultaneously. I am able to fill multiple items in a given order often, so I don’t think it’s a general bug on my account.

Background Info
Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900V)
OS: Android 5.0
App: 2.0.6
ID: vn4igwb$p
Level: 25

Hi QualSci,

Thank you so much for the feedback. Can I please grab some screenshots on your Powerup page showing scepter and backpack level, also a screenshot of your Storage capacity?

We will look into the app crashing and help friend connection issue. Also we have made several fixes to the Android tracking function and the update is pending to be released soon. Please stay tuned and let us know how you go with the new update.