Is Wokamon not compatible with Apple Watch (using Health app)?

So, I just downloaded Wokamon and on my Watch it shows up fine and lists me at 3500 steps so far. BUT when I go to my iPhone app (where you actually play the game more), it still shows up as zero steps. Does the watch not ‘communicate’ with the phone app? Is it just buggy and I should delete and redownload the app, or will it really never work?

Thanks for any help you can give!

Hi Joel,

Are you connect to the Health App and it’s not getting any steps? Wokamon gets Apple Watch steps via Health app. Please make sure the steps from Apple Watch are all synced to Health app first before tap the Health app icon (the heart) to fetch steps on the main screen page.

Please let me know how you go with this.


Hi Mars,

That’s correct. My Health App gets my info from my Watch and updates my Health App throughout the day (its where my Health steps come from). I selected Health App as the way to sync with Wokamon. Despite this, the watch app for wokamon shows my steps for the day, but the wokamon phone app continued to show zero steps for the day. I exited all phone apps, reopened health app to make sure it was working right, then reopened Wokamon app, but still nothing. :frowning: