Is this app still supported?

I’m reading through some of the posts on this forum and it kinda seems abandoned. I see there was supposed to be an updated version of the topaz store at some point, but my version of the app sure doesn’t look like the screenshots of the newest version. I’m just wondering if there is anyone out there still working on this app or if it’s unsupported and in it’s final form.

P.S. I’m a big fan of “fitness entertainment” and have played all the Shikudo games. I’m a big fan and hope this game is still on the radar of the company.


Thank you for reaching out. Wokamon’s development has been paused due to the lack of Android developers (that’s why you are seeing different content between Android and iOS). We currently have no immediate plans to release more game features unfortunately.

Hello - So, now the Wokamon app won’t open at all and I see the forum has been removed from the Shikudo Forums page. Is this app just dead? Did y’all officially pull the plug?


Thank you for reaching out. We’ve patched the app to fix this issue.