Is this a guard or person?

I can’t tell if it’s a person pretending or not (they are in a guild, unlike the other guards). (Fit Tower server)

It’s a person pretending to be a guard.

  • Guards always have a score of 2000.
  • Unlike players, guards can never attack, so they can never gain score.
  • Unlike players, when guards defend, they never lose score.

You should be able to find the real Guard.55 in League S. If it’s not there, be afraid. Be very afraid. :scream::crazy_face:


I thought so, but why pretend? XD

Probably, just for fun

Oh! What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!

Perhaps Guard.55 is a spider? :crazy_face:

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They player likes to do funny things with names. They copied my name back was I was Mari (which led to me change to Marigold).

Pffft that’s hilarious. I bet it baits a lot of people into attacking who aren’t really paying attention.

Every one of their pets is 7 star, which is kind of suspicious to me, since it includes Twinkie and Agro.

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7-star Twinkie and 7-star Agro does seem suspicious.

How often do Twinkie parts appear as honor shop pet rewards and how many do you typically get? :thinking:

Update: Looks possible to me, since you’re in season 45. I see @Trisen already has a 6-Star Twinkie on the Twin Peak server in far fewer seasons.

I pump all my arena points into pet boxes, because I’m a glutton for punishment. After, 3 stars on legend and epic pets , 30 fragments is all it takes to try for a chance to upgrade. So 30 fragments requires an investment of at least 3840 arena points if you are the luckiest bastard in the world and get the same fragment you want each time. 11520 arena points to go from 4 stars to 7 stars without failing and still having more luck then anyone could ever have. I figure you would have had to spend 40k to 50k arena points to get enough fragments to even try for a 7 star twinkie and about 80k for an Argo.Twinkie fragments shows up the most followed by zen>sage>Argo and rest of them. Of course common and rare pets have a chance as well, which should not happen IMO. I
Just got a 5 star twinkie on server 4. I have only one 6 star equipment , every other arena points I have earned since server has opened has gone to pet boxes. I dont want to know how much I have spent on them .


I’ve also been buying pet boxes I’d say 95% of the time since the release of pets (sometimes stones if I’m running low but rarely) & always buy epic pets when they show up in the guild shop. Maybe Twinkie is possible, since you can buy a few stars’ worth of pieces with real money, & they do drop often from the honor shop. 7 star epic pets though like Agro? That’s the one that makes me suspicious. I don’t spend gems refreshing the guild shop though, that’s the one thing I can’t factor in. Who knows? Maybe I’m just paranoid. :rofl:

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Hahaha! For what it’s worth, you do scare me long-term. Well, maybe not as scared as newer players in your league should be, especially if you decide to stay there and keep farming legendary pets. :scream:

“My paranoia wasn’t always right, but just to be on the safe side, I never went to sleep with a clown in the room.”

― Mark Henwick


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I would think a 7 star Argo on server 2 or server 1 should be possible if you were constantly #1 in your bracket and won 100% of your fights. I wasn’t playing when pets first came out but I have a 3 star zen on server 3 but dont use him since he is not better than my 6 and 7 star common/rare pets. However I personally always have trouble getting Argo fragments , so a lvl 7 Argo seems suspect but maybe I just have bad luck.

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I’m consistently number 1 in the bracket Guard.55 is in. Have been for a long time.
I play up to 140 gems per fight every night, and generally have around a 97-99% win rate.
I also spend everything on pets and bought all the paid shop fragments. I’ve also spent all my guild points, with super checkin every day, on pets.
I’m at 5-star star twinkie (I failed one upgrade to 6, and 6 starts at 24%. No idea what 7 starts at, but it is probably around 20%), I just got 4-star sage tonight, 3-star agro, 3-star zen, 2-star toffee, 2-star mojo.
I actually find having all the rares 7-star pretty suspicious too. I’ve posted about the shared distribution on rares and commons and it is really hard or extremely lucky to have all 5 arena usable rares maxed.

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6 to 7 star for twinkie is 14% . I would assume it is same for Argo and the rest of the legendary and epic pets. Getting all 7 stars rare isnt too hard just alot of farming the 10 stages and energy . However a 7 star Argo( and the other epics) is more suspicious to me than a 7 star twinkie. It seems most people have around 3 star epics and legendary who are crazy for pet boxes. A 4 star or 5 star could be out there somewhere but I think a 7 star epic/legendary is too far off the trend besides maybe a twinkie.

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@marspark could you please look into this player, I think there is enough interest to find out if this was a cheat/exploit or just a bastard that is crazy lucky.


How about a 7 star Sage, on Power Tablet (4), is that realistic? Twinkie would be possible through store, but Sage… are fragments for him on sale sometimes?

He’s first rank in league B with rather low team power level and I couldn’t understand how he kills me so easily until I saw his Sage^^

A 7-star Sage doesn’t seem at all possible yet on our server.

However, I don’t see a 7-star Sage. I see a 5-star Zen. Am I looking at the right player?

Totally possible. It could be done if the player always sought out the Zen pet in the guild market and contributed very heavily to the guild so could afford the pet purchase. In theory, you could get 1 pet part per day that way.

Further, could also get some Zen parts from the honor market if they kept buying random pet parts with their arena medals. This may indeed be the case, since the player doesn’t appear to be spending them on 6-star equipment.

One thing that is making this player even more powerful is that the pets’ mutations have been fairly well optimized. That takes a lot of crystals but you can buy those.

Looks legit to me. The player likes pets. :thinking:

But, but… there was a Sage there, 7stars, plus Zen 5star, I triple checked. Not in his team now… will take a screenshot if I see it again.