Is the "super reward" in the Fit Rewards worth the gem cost?

I’ve been spending gems to get the super reward, but after analyzing the gem-per-energy cost, I’m not sure that’s the best use of resources, particularly since gems are limited in their availability, and energy is ready available at all times. What’s your analysis been?

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I agree. Similarly, I don’t play the in-game lottery (nor do I play IRL), buy anything with arena points besides fit stones and six star equipment chests, or buy much in the guild shop anymore. Anyone else come to the same conclusion(s)?

On a sort of related note, in my Artemis account (since the game updated today), when I open the game and it shows that steps-to-energy menu, it never turns the 20%-bonus-energy watch-a-video button on. I thought I remembered it working on my Sayuri account earlier. Any ideas, @marspark ?

@marspark - scratch that. Can’t watch any videos on either server (for silver nor energy).