Is it worth it to level up 2 (or 3) teams?

So I just recently learned that if you have two teams in the Events that they will battle one after another (previously I thought it was just to have 2 team formations to choose from).
So I was like oh shoots I gotta level up those characters I haven’t been using and get them some good gear - which I’ve been working on for like a week. Only thing is I started progressing slower in the Events not faster.
Seems like I would have been better off just putting all those resources into my primary team. I think I would have gotten further in the Events and certainly would have done better in the Arena.
At some point does this become not true? Should I keep working on both teams? Should I use crystals to get more characters for an eventual third team? Or just build up one team?

Welcome to the club. I just recently learned that too. :grimacing:

I am nearly 100% certain that I do better focusing on just one strong team, at least until it can’t be improved much more.

  1. How much further would I get if I had another team just like my primary team? I’d say not much further. At the end, there comes a point when they take so much damage and dish out so little, that further progress is difficult. Creating another equally powerful team would take a LONG time for not much benefit. Not worth it, assuming I can still make my primary team noticeably stronger.
  2. The battles cannot last more than 110 rounds, at most. My primary team regularly survives to the end in some of the events (with healing and holy shields). A second equally powerful team would therefore be completely useless to me, as it would never get used. (Of course, with 2 teams my first team probably would focus 100% on offense which would help a bit.)
  3. Anything that can deeply wound a strong max-level 7-star team with 7-star equipment would slice through a mid-level 6-star backup team with 6-star equipment like a hot knife through butter. A second team would therefore be nothing more than fodder most of the time. My 2nd team is much, much weaker than that, so its death just becomes a source of tragic amusement. :grimacing: