Is anyone still here?

haven’t been any posts in a while. I personally am just coming back to the game today after a ~6 month hiatus.

I made a subreddit for the game a while back, if you like playing and use reddit please consider joining

this game is really fun but i wish the devs were a little more active with adding new content. guild wars would be really cool.

have a great day!


A few of us around the forum, but not many new posts. Players in the game mostly.

You are right in asking for new features… would be fun to have new elements.

I just joined the game for a few months. I think the team should double down on this game instead of scattering their efforts on so many games. Would be great to see more advertising for fitness rpg.


yeah this game is really awesome and a huge motivator to clock 10k steps every day. I played pocket plants for a short time over a year ago, but didn’t find it nearly as compelling as fitness rpg.