iOS 13 syncing steps crashing

The new update worked great with ios 12 but now that I updated my phone to iOS 13, wokamon crashes when I try to sync my steps (:heart: Button).

Same issue here. Will there be a fix soon?

I just updated to iOS 13 a few minutes ago, but mine was crashing beforehand. Seems like since the app updated, I cannot sync my steps. I also cannot level up my “people” on my Apple Watch either.

Hi guys, yes, we’ve submitted a build and is waiting for review. Please switch to the phone option until it’s approved and released. Thank you for your patience!

@Pearlmsqueaks, @MamaRNY, @Karen_Lane, the update is live (v3.6.4). It’s under phased release so you’ll need to go to the page and manually update it. Please let me know if it doesn’t fix the issue.

Thank you!