Invisible Guild Member?


At 5:00pm (PST) I took the following screenshot (just after the deadline for guild check ins). Note that Gene’s contribution is 20 and he was last seen 2 hours previously.

At 6:49pm (PST) I took the following screenshot. Note that Gene’s contribution is 8 and he was last seen about 4 hours previously.

So, here’s the invisibility mystery question of the day. How did Gene spend 12 of his contribution without being seen? :thinking:

Probably through the market :slight_smile:

I should back up and ask what it takes to be seen. I thought it meant that I was playing the game. Does it instead mean that I am visiting the guild’s screen? :thinking:

Actually the time is only updated when a player logs into the game. The scenario you described could happen if the player stays in the game for a very long time.

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That would make sense!

Until proven otherwise, the Case of the Invisible Guild Member is solved. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh goodness, what does all this contribution stuff mean? I seem to have missed the mention. How does it go down like that? Is that bad?

I do tend to open the game and keep it open because it takes an enormously long time to load.


That explains it. I thought “last seen” was last time you played. Turns out it was last time you logged in.

It used to go down when we’d make purchases in the guild shop. Wasn’t bad, just confusing. Made it hard to see how much members were contributing and if they actually checked-in. A recent update changed it so it doesn’t go down when purchases are made. Much better.

Contributions allow the guild to level up and grow. It determines the guild ranking. The top guilds have the most contributions by their members. To grow, a guild needs points.

  • A basic check-in gives 20 guild coins and 10 guild points.
  • A super check-in gives 40 guild coins and 20 guild points.
  • Each lottery ticket purchased gives 10 guild coins and 4 guild points.

Guild members can use guild coins to buy things in the guild store. The guild leader can use guild points to level up the guild (which can offer better check-in rewards and more slots for members).

Our guild currently has 5,920 points of the 14,800 points it needs to level up. Every time a guild member checks-in and/or buys lottery tickets we get closer to the goal.

As guild leader, I attempt to ensure that we always reach the maximum check-in rewards for the benefit of all our active members. Unfortunately, that means I have to kick people out who are not contributing regularly.

Those who contribute more than the minimum have extra protection from being kicked. I am reluctant to kick those who miss check-ins every now and then if they are really helping grow our guild over the long-term. (One member misses a lot of check-ins but still contributes a lot! Won’t kick that person without a lot of missed check-ins in a row.)

You have not been at any risk of being kicked since you joined. You missed a check-in once but that’s not at all bad, and you more than make it up by contributing extra. So no worries, you’re doing great!

The only reason I posted this topic/bug was because I could not understand how a member who was not seen (you) could spend guild coins in the guild shop.

The old way, which has since been fixed, was a problem. If a member did a basic check-in, got 20 guild coins, and immediately spent all 20 guild coins in the shop, then it would look like they didn’t check-in at all when I would look. That could potentially cause me to kick someone who didn’t deserve it. Now I can tell for sure who is contributing. Much better!

There is one small problem left though. Somebody (not you) bought 2 lottery tickets yesterday but did not actually check-in. Looks like it might be happening again today. I can’t easily tell the difference since 2 lottery tickets adds 20 guild coins and so does a basic check-in. Fortunately, it’s not a big deal unless everyone did it (we wouldn’t get the check-in rewards if everyone bought lottery tickets but nobody checked-in).

Thank you for the thorough explanation! I feel enlightened. Hmm…I haven’t checked in yet today…time to do that!

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