Inventory Problem (Dups) After Latest Update

I am using an iPhone and have purchased inventory up to 85 slots. ID 2ggdub, Twin Peak server. After the latest upgrade, it seems that equipment that I replace and re-equip now has a duplicate inventory cost and shows twice (see image). This has consumed all my inventory space making it not possible to play the game without deleting unique equipment.

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Thank you for letting us know!

I also experienced this bug. When I picked a piece of equipment my mage was wearing for the purpose of upgrading it, two of that piece appeared as options, both of which had check marks and identical powerup levels. I was able to remove just one, which actually went into my inventory and was able to be worn by another character.

Essentially, I took off my hat and there was another, identical hat underneath. I did not intend to do this.

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I have also recreated the duping bug and was also able reverse it back to one item again. I think it should be fairly easy for the devs to reverse the problem since the items that are duped are still connected to each other. Since your not making an entirely different item just a copy.

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I hope you are right about the devs being able to reverse the problem, because I think there’s at least one player out there who has taken advantage of this.

Once I found out how it can happen, I decided not to equip anything new until I know my inventory won’t become infected by this. I’m therefore hoping this gets resolved fairly quickly.

Ouch. I read your post yesterday and I’m thankful you shared this, so I could stop it from happening to me.

If you want to reverse unequip all dupe items and original. Then exit game and restart should make all dupe items revert back to one item.

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That’s awesome. That gives me hope that all duplicate items can be removed from the game.

And for those who consciously decided to use and upgrade high level duplicate items, I’ll be playing the world’s tiniest violin in sympathy, if they complain about the duplicates vanishing. :violin::notes:

Hi, we’ve just released v3.0.2 to patch this issue. You can install the Android version right away and iOS will be released as soon as it’s approved.

We’ll do a formal data scan after we release the patch and will patch all items or even reverting user data for exploiting the bug. And we’d like to thank everyone’s patience and help for finding this issue. Hats off!


We know how busy you guys must be. Great job tracking this down so fast and coming up with a patch!

As far as the exploiters, I’m amazed at how far some people are willing to go. What did they think was going to happen? Nobody would notice multiple 7-star maxed-out equipment suddenly appearing? I’ll spare all the details here, but I’m very thankful you’ve dealt with the one player (who might just as well remain nameless) in League E who decided to try to milk the bug for all it was worth.

I’m now playing the world’s tiniest 1-star violin at level 1 for that player. Karma’s a :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.


Thank you marspark! That is great news. I appreciate others jumping in to confirm the issue and the speed it will be addressed!


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Thanks Trisen! That worked a I freed up 10 slots. Yay!


Hello! I have the same proplem till now. I have a dublicates of items and big mess in my bag. I did nothing with this numerous items, but it very disturb.

One item can be used on one hero twice… It’s very tangle. Thank you. P. S. I have an Android version. And item, who which bought today is normal and without dublicate.