Incorrectly Upgraded in Arena

Hello. After this Arena season ended, I was upgraded to Arena League B, even though I do not come near the power requirements to be upgraded. This must have been in error, since the requirements for upgrade had not been met.

Hi, thank you for reaching out. You can let us know your game id so we can investigate. Please note that the system records your highest power and use that to determine which bracket you are in. It’s normal if it differs from the power value shown in the arena.

@marspark I was reading about how Arena upgrades work and I noticed that it depends on who is not on your team, as well as who is. But I already have my most powerful heroes currently set in my Arena team, and have all season. That’s why I think I was upgraded in error. The only thing I changed in the last season, was equipping a different gem on two of my heroes, but I was careful to make sure this didn’t set me into League B’s power range.

My ID is 57m5m4. I appreciate your time and help with this!

@Bingle Hi, I’ve checked your account that your team power does exceed the league requirement. Equipping different gems can potentially rise the power.

@marspark I don’t understand. It says my team power is 591. Isn’t 600 the lower limit for league B?

You have reached over 600k power at some point of the game (maybe equip a glyph with more power, or an equipment with more power). That highest power value is used to calculate your bracket, not necessary your current power value.

@marspark huh, okay I see. That seems like an unfair technicality. But at least I understand. Thank you.