Inaccurate Step Counts

Using iPhone6 Plus
I’ve noticed that my in app step count is completely inaccurate. My phones pedometer counted a little over 3,000 steps but the PocketPlanet app only counted 130 steps. Keeping in mind I have the app synced to the phones pedometer. What’s up with that?

Hi Bella,

In Pocket Plants, the steps will be converted to energy in certain ratio.

I am also having this problem. Yesterday, I went on a walk, my Galaxy s6 recorded 7000 syeps, but the game recorded 5k.i didn’t cash out in, I’m saving for the amethysts, and went on a 5k walk today. When I got home, I checked, and I only have 800 steps? If it auto converts, how do you exchange for other things?

Thank you for your feedback. Which Android version are you using?