In game Clock/Countdown Needed

Is there any place in the game were I can see what time it is? If not please add a clock or countdown timer so we can know when to collect our guild check-in rewards.

It gets frustrating checking in during the day, then opening the app around dinner to find that, even though I checked in I can’t collect the rewards becase the timer reset.

If a clock isn’t possible please at least make it so checking in the once is enough without the extra step of “collecting” added before checking the inbox.

Thank you

P.s I’m still enjoying this game!


Please do something to make the collection of guild rewards more equitable. I almost always check in at beginning of the cycle (super check-in.) Then a few more check-ins through the day.

Problem is the end of the cycle comes during our dinner hour and we have a strict rule against electronic devices at the dinner table. I’ve been sneaking off to the bedroom to do a secret check-in, but can’t do this when we have company. I’ve missed some rewards because of this.

It seems some players wait to the end of the cycle to check-in. While I have no problem with this, it doesn’t seem fair that they benefit from my check-in, but I don’t benefit from theirs.

I hope this is addressed in the next update. I know it’s difficult when players are in all different time zones.


We are considering a way to ease your pain. Should include it in the next update.


Thanks. New problem: I accidentally clicked too quickly and exited my guild. Even though I immediately rejoined, all my contributions were wiped out. Any remedy for this. - Masha

Ok, thanks. because it is very confusing how some of the features in the game seem to use my phone’s clock but how others seem to use a different clock i can’t see.

Maybe it would help if you made it more like the main screen where the steps are displayed. I love the feature that lets me go back to the previous days to collect energy and chests i didn’t get to yet. If you could do that with the guild check-in that would be aboutly amazing!

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Yes, please add automatic collect send to inbox if you check in and Guild hits the target goal milestone number of check in. Not fair for early check-in people too busy to collect.