Impossible to complete "Do it all IV"

Because the challenge of the day quests have been reduced from 4 to 2 per day, it is no longer possible to complete the weekly quest Do it all IV since the total number of daily quests is 7*7 = 49, which is much less than the 55 it takes to complete it.


Since the daily challenge quests were split, I’ve still been getting four counts towards the daily challenge quests.

It may be different for you, but I’ve been getting two daily challenges that each have two stages.

Maybe if it’s different for you and seems like it’s not behaving correctly, you could get in touch with @marspark?

Hm, I only get 2 daily challenges as well, I just checked and they only have 1 point towards the weekly total, for a max of 7*7->49

Oddly enough, today is the first day I was only given two daily challenges to complete! The second set of two challenges doesn’t seem to be available.

I’ll keep an eye on this tomorrow and Monday to see if it might be a weekend thing, or if it really isn’t behaving properly.

Since last posting I have only received two daily challenges each day!

Very odd! :roll_eyes:

In the release notes for the last update they said they “fixed a bug” where it was giving 4 daily challenges instead of 2. Maybe you just got the update? Except I expect given the weekly challenge was tied to it, they missed that correlation and updating the weekly too? Hopefully @marspark will comment when done with travel :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi guys, thank you for the info. We’ve just checked our designer and we’ll fix it in the next update. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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