I would like to reset my account

I would like to restart my wokamon account. My facebook is facebook.com/mikayla.e.mackenzie

Hi @Mikayla_Ellen, can you please message us on Facebook so we can double confirm your identity? facebook.com/wokamon


I would also like to reset my account . My Facebook is www.facebook.com/racheldeviating.
I am also connected through my Fitbit.

Hi @Rachel_Fultz,

Can you please send us a message through https://www.facebook.com/wokamon, for security purpose.


I would like to reset my account. I have switched from Android to Apple and want to link with my FB account.

Hi @Angie_Olson my apologizes for the late reply. Can you please send me a message through facebook to verify your identity? facebook.com/wokamon