I want to join a guild!

I need a guild but all of them are full I’m an active player.

Hi! Which server? If it’s Power Tablet, you might be in luck. Lost Soles (a very active guild ranked #2) should have 5 spots opening up tomorrow. If you will check-in each day, we would like you to join.

I should be able to you get in before others grab the spots. If this works for you, you’ll need to add yourself to the Lost Soles waiting list inside the game and then let me know your game name so I can spot you in the list. And you need to do it before the spots open up.

Consider a spot reserved for you now. That leaves 4 others to anyone else who might be reading this. I can do the same for the first 4 active players who reply to this post and want in. Time’s a ticking though. The open spots will go quickly.

Our guild has a level requirement of 30, but don’t worry about that. If you’re active, it definitely won’t be a problem.

P.S. If your game name is Olaf, it will be very difficult to spot you in the waiting list. There are many people using that name. Must be the default.

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Hello please add me in your guild my user name is Marmary. I just checked the spots and they were still full so hope you can help me. Thanks

The easy way: You need to put yourself on the waiting list for Los Soles. I can’t. Click on the guild button on the main screen, find and select Lost Soles, then apply even though the guild is already full. That will put you in the waiting list. There’s nothing more you’ll need to do, other than to make sure I can find you in the list.

The hard way: I can also invite you directly I think but you may need to be available to accept the invitation. I’ll need your player ID for that. I’ve never used this way before so I’m not sure what to expect.

Just to be clear, please select the settings button on the game”s main screen (looks like a gear). I need your Player Name that’s shown there (Marmary?). It would also be good to tell me your Player ID found just below that. There’s a copy icon to the right of it. You can press that to copy it and then paste it here.

Here’s what I see when I do it.

ID: 57wpny

Time is starting to run out. I estimate that the 5 spots will open up on 3/8 at noon my time (pacific standard time), which is about 13 hours from the time I wrote this reply to you.

In case anyone reading this is curious, this is how I intend to get you into our guild before others take the spots.

  1. Set guild’s level restriction to 70. Nobody is level 70 yet so nobody can get in automatically.
  2. Level up the guild to level 4. That will make 5 more spots available.
  3. Find you in the waiting list.
  4. Accept you as a new guild member.
  5. Set guild’s level restriction back down to 30.
  6. The remaining spots are still up for grabs. First come, first serve.

Sorry to others in the waiting list, but I’ve had mixed results. Some have joined other guilds and are still in the list. Some have gone inactive and are still in it.

Hello sorry for late reply I will be online for when you are going to send me the invite. My ID is jk297j and my user name is Marmary, but there is no way that I can go on waiting list because it keep saying the guild is full! So hope you can invite me when you can. Thanks.

That’s weird. There are a lot of people in the waiting list. Maybe the waiting list was full. I removed some of them. Can you try again?


I also tried inviting jk297j but it sad it could not find you. It found me when I used my player ID. It even offered the option to invite me to my own guild. Yikes! Needless to say, I did not invite me! :flushed:

Its still the same!

Its jk279j my bad sorry : D

Well, that’s a bummer. Can you show a screenshot of your character so I can verify your Player ID? Not that I don’t believe you. I’m just trying to make sense of it.

You provided it before I asked! Nice!

Found you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Tried to invite you but it said guild was full. It didn’t put you in the waiting list either. Bummer.

But the good news is that there is definitely light at the end of this tunnel.

I can invite you in just over 11 hours. You will probably need to accept immediately, but who knows? Never tried this before.

If you won’t be available then, that’s okay too. I’ve kicked 17 members already for inactivity. One might be kicked in 13 hours. Once I kick one, you can have their spot. And you’ll have many hours to accept. I won’t give you that much time with 5 slots opening up though, because I can’t hold one for you without holding all 5.

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Oh that’s alright I’ll try to join after 11 hours if i couldn’t join then I’ll wait for the next chance if that didn’t work neither then it means NO! Anyways I’m active everyday so I can wait till i get a spot, its not a problem for me, but yeah thanks for your time and for your help :slight_smile:

I intend to update the guild description to show exactly when the guild will have 5 spots available, as soon as I know. Will depend on how fast current members check-in. It will not open early, but it could be a bit late.

About 10 minutes before the slots open, I’ll remind you on this forum that you’ll be getting an invite.

About 5 minutes before the slots open to everyone, I’ll invite you. If my invite requires you to accept, then you’ll have about 5 minutes to do so. And it can go longer than that, if there are problems and we’re trying to resolve them.

I’m committed to getting you in. There are a lot of players who want in, but if you’re willing to check-in daily and active enough to post here, you win and my guild does too. :slightly_smiling_face:

That works too! Will wait for your notification but if i couldn’t join today I’ll check daily because I’m so patient :smiley:

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Are you ready for an invite? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Yes :slight_smile:

Guess I’m in now thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome to the guild! Don’t forget to check-in now and claim rewards. You can also check-in for tomorrow in about 5 hours (or later).

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You are an active player! Thanks for checking-in everyday. And thanks for contributing way more than the bare minimum!

Don’t worry about getting kicked if you forget to check-in and/or can’t play for a day. I always give those who contribute more extra time to show back up.

Win-win! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, thank you so much I’ll try my best to be more active still because I know that our guild need it. :slight_smile:

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Hi Rhandar,

I’d love to join you in Lost Soles, but the guild is full. Would you mind saving me a spot the next time you cull an inactive player?

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