I synced to a different account and now it won't let me have my own

When I tried to sync my focus quest account to my focus plant account it automatically synced to a different Google account previously used on this device. Now no matter what I do I can’t separate the accounts so I can have my own. It keeps going to their game ID no matter what I do. Please help I don’t understand how 2 different Google accounts and shikudo accounts can be locked to the same game id. Luckily all it did was erase my game info for focus plant which isn’t as bad since I just started but it gave me a separate id.

Hi, thank you for reaching out. There’s a unique identifier for each device and data is retrieved automatically if it matches any record in our database.

One thing you can do without our interference is:

  1. Unlink your shikudo account / google play account on your current device A
  2. Start new progress on a fresh device B, then link your shikudo account there.
  3. Login into your shikudo account on device A again, then you should get a brand new progress.

Please let us know if it helps.