I need my account restored please

I had to reinstall from freezing at 91% and ended up with Y3AC8Ss+@ as my new account. My old save is called scotan – I do not have the original account name, just the renamed one. Hope that is all you need. I haven’t been able to play in over a week, :confused:


edit: I should say that I initially emailed this issue to someone at contact, and no reply came after more than a week. I then looked and saw that this is the place for support. I emailed a different ID, so if that is seen, please ignore it. Today I reinstalled again and got a new ID (above). Also this time I had the option to restore a cloud save (which wasn’t my original save) but that option wasn’t available the first time.

Hi scotantaco,

I’ve transferred the progress to the new ID. Would you like to check if you can access the progress now?


Thanks Mars! I am happy to see my old progress again.

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I lost my progress again. Stuck at 91%. Cloud save shows me a fresh install from today, and not all the progress I had made.

I connect through google play, and it’s saved my progress in the past, but this time it’s overwritten my cloud save with a new game.

I really hope you figure out this 91% problem. I am way behind a friend from all this downtime, and I was winning.

My ID was Y3AC8Ss+@ but is now apparently MCNTumgs*

I use the name scotan.

The progress has been transferred to your new ID.

I am still seeing the new game. Last time this happened, I was given a choice of which save to load, cloud or local. I am not seeing anything. I am connected to google play.

Sorry for the weekend delay. How about this time?

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I didn’t even see the email yet, I just opened the game without thinking and there it was. Thanks!

I have the same issue as described above, all my progress is gone, please please help! My old ID is FnkpaM*kp. Thank you so much!

Hi Dcteu,

Sorry for the delayed reply. What’s your current game ID? Did you reinstall the game and got the same ID?

We are having public holidays from 1st October to 10th October. We’ll try our best to get back to you asap.

Thank you for your understanding!


Dear marspark,
My new ID is MC46zHaxd, so it changed when I reinstalled.

Hi Dcteu,

The progress has been transferred to the new ID. Would you like to check if you can access it now?


Everything is back to normal now, thank you!! :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. My game got stuck loading at 91% so I reinstalled it. My new game ID is v3-VE$ut! I believe that my username was the default Techsaur both times. Thank you so much!

Hi Sweatflax,

The progress has been transferred to your new account. Please let me know if you have any other issues.