I lost my data and can't save!

Thanks Sunflower Mel I hope so too I really like the game and I think it’s a really cool app. This just keeps happening and it’s very frustrating and annoying that my data keeps going back in time and running around. T.T

Um…hello…is there any way I can get my data back?..or at least how to prevent it from going back…

Hi @Lillymoon are you playing with multiple devices? What happens if you click the ‘save game’ button, does the date change?

I only have the game on one device it’s the device that tracks my steps as the other doesn’t. I click save and there is no change

Hi @Lillymoon, we’ve replicated your data but unfortunately everything runs fine at our end. Can you please screenshot your current progress (book page of the last world), then connect to a 3rd party account then reinstall the game? We’ll send over compensations if your progress rolls back.

I for got to get the book page…I know the plant though it’s the sheptree

And nothing’s changed T.T