I lost all of my data in Wokomon


I had at least 2 years worth of work and friends and badges and gems saved up on my wokomon. I lost my Fitbit last January, but I would play the game every month or so, just to make sure that it was still working fine. I have Chronic pancreatitis and I was put in the hospital over the summer ands I was in too much pain to play any of my games. I just got a new Fitbit. A versa2 and when I synchwd everything and opened up all excited to get going again. Everything that I worked so hard for was gone and it started me over from scratch. It was not until after that that my da ughter removed my old Fitbit off of my Fitbit app. Is t here anyway to salvage what seems to be lost? I had at least four or Fivdifferent Monsters and clothing for all of them. I hope that you can help me. Thanks in advance. AJ


Hi, thank you for reaching out. A few questions to start with:

  1. Did you reinstall the game?
  2. Have you connected to a Facebook account?

Please let me know!


No I have not reinstalled the account and I do not sign in with AOL but I have always had it connected to AOL


Oops sorry Facebook. For some reason my brain is stuck back in AOL days lately. I have no idea why.


@AnjMcpz, thank you for the updated info. Can you please let me know your Facebook nickname so I can look up your data. You can send me a private message if it’s sensitive.



It’s the same as here. AnjMCPz. My name is Anjonette Pezan


Hi, I can’t find these names in our system. Can you please send me a screenshot of your 4th tab (the last tab on the right, which shows your Facebook nickname on the top of the screen)? Thank you!


Here is my profile link https://www.facebook.com/anjonette.pezan And I will add the ss. Not sure that I got what you wanted


Hi @AnjMcpz, I’ve found an account with 6 wokamons and 11 worlds. Is this your old progress or you just started over? If that’s your old progress, you can simply connect to Facebook again and retrieve your progress, please remember to choose ‘cloud’ when a data conflict window pops up.


Yessss that is my progress but it would not let me retrieve it! Thanks , I will try again. I have a new ifit watch so I was not sure if that was why it would not let me connect.


Thank you soo much!!! I got my monsters back!!