I didn't receive my level up reward??

I was lv18 before I unlock a new plant, and while I pressed the X bottom, the level up message jumped out. Then window of choosing plants and this message close together and I just found the level up reward didn’t add to the bar??? Because I checked before, my ruby would be 20 after I unlock a new plant and I saw the reward is 20 ruby, on the bar it still shows my ruby is 20…

my game ID is: M3nmwADtB

Hi lulalala,

The second you unlocked the plant (new plant breaks out of the ice cubic form), the reward is already added to the bar and then the level window pops up afterwards. This is why when you look at the ruby bar, it may seem that the ruby amount is unchanged after the level up pop-up.

If you would like, you can take another look right before you reach LV19. Compare the ruby/energy/amethyst count and then unlock a plant. The count should be different.

If you do believe you are indeed having trouble with the rewards, please contact us anytime.