I did not get my lv.33 apprentice rewards even though I have a master

Name : Sangram
Server : Mirror Lake

Firstly, I did not get an option to put in a master code as this Taylor guy was already my master as soon as I unlocked the feature. But it was fine since I didn’t know anyone playing the game.

Now that I have passed Lv.33, I still haven’t gotten the mage set reward in the mailbox.

Kindly check out this bug and help me get the reward.


Also my ID is we948m

Its pretty hard to get 3 star equipment (especially mage) at my stage since I am saving my honor points for the future. So this knowledge set is pretty important right now.

P.S. @marspark just checking if tagging works :wink:
Happy Walking.

Hi, thank you for reaching out. We’ll investigate and will send the equipment to your in-game mail if the issue is verified. Please check your in-game mail within a day.

Just wanted to add that I reached lv.49 today. I also didn’t get the lv.46 master reward (777gems, 120 fit stones, etc).

@marspark received the rewards. Thank you.

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@marspark Didn’t receive the Resurrection Set after reaching Lv.67 :frowning:

Hi, thank you for letting us know. We still haven’t figured out the root cause of your issue but have sent the missing items to your in-game mail. Please let us know if there’s any problem.

Thank you for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Recieved the items. Thank you for your kind reply.

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