I cannot use my techsaur

My game id is M3eYjc9q!. I just bought techsaur with 500 rubies but right after i replay the game, i can’t use my techsaur.

Hi NaviKim,

The Techsaur has been sent to your account. Please claim it in the game message section. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


My game ID is FPrF!ysZ!
I just bought the saurmaid for 300 rubies, but I can’t use it… It doesn’t work like the techsaur in the first hour of playing. When I push the saurmaid there is only the button for the shop that pops up…

Hi Eumel,

Did you purchase Techsaur? Only Techsaur has the ‘collect all’ function. All players get 1-hour trial period for Techsaur. Other saur skin generates large amount of energy for you to collect.