I buyed diamonds but never got them

hello, i have buyed blue diamonds today at 21:30
1x12600 for 20 swiss francs and 1x6000 for 10 swiss francs but never got them :no_mouth:
please can you given them … there is a bug !
it keep’s turning and turning but does not end.
i have looked at my app store money account and
the money has been taken but i did not get my purchase @marspark
I am on fit tower, my ID is: rgyypk

Hi, thank you for reaching out! I’ve sent the missing resources to your mail along with some additional crystals for the trouble you’ve gone through. Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience!

Happy walking!

hi @marsparks thank you very much i got the 12’600 diamonds and the one you offered me but there is still missing the 6000 :confused: sorry :grimacing:

Oup’s no no sorry it’s ok i have got them all!!!

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