Humped by the Enemy - The Love Bug

Not sure if it is just me, but since the update, there seems to be an amusing little bug, which has some of the monsters in Arena randomly wanting to get up close and personal.:heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

While I’m happy to take them home, my fellow team mates always end up killing them… even if I promise I’ll look after it… :unamused:

Mage Rose thinks there’s an ulterior motives but I think they just need some TLC…

So while many may call it another game bug to be tweaked, I’d like to think that it shows even monsters want a little TLC every now and again.

On a semi serious note, it does not happen in every round in Arena. I will note next time of how many and which rounds it happens if that helps… it seems to happen as the levels get higher. At least for the last few days… that I’ve noticed.

It’s always the one in front line at the bottom. :blush::tulip:

Meanwhile… I’m a changed Warlock. These encounters made me see past their murderous attempts on our lives and see the real monster inside… :grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs:
In saying that, I’d like to announce my new buddies and I are opening a day spa getaway catering to heroes and monsters alike.

All are welcome and we hope this is the start of heroes and monsters coming together in peace. :v::peace_symbol::grimacing::smirk:


Arch Mage Joenne and Berserker Tesha recently had their personal space invaded by these vile vermin. They told me as much in a very heated exchange and demanded that I post their screenshot evidence as proof that things are not all as they should be.

Although the heroes Joenne and Tesha are always my top priorities and there are clearly no priorities higher, there were apparently more important things in my life at that time and I forgot. Perhaps pizza from the Bottomless Oven of Pepperoni? Perhaps a nearly mythical dog beast in my home wishing to play with the Red Bone of Death? Perhaps the last episode of Game of Thrones distracted me just long enough to watch it in its entirety? Who can really say for sure? It’s hard to know with so many top priorities to choose from. :grimacing:

Not always as seen in my screenshot. I’d say mostly. Also, if you ever have problems targeting one that has moved, target where it should be instead.

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AL has started giving classes on personal space at the new centre but I’m not sure it’s translating to practice :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming::v::rofl:

But YES!!! On that tip… I made the mistake a few time on where to touch to target. :grin:.

Although Sounds like your getting some extra lovin’ from other positions​:face_with_hand_over_mouth::heart_eyes_cat:… I’ll recheck mine… I guess it could be worse…at least it’s not a ‘mad monster disease :cow:

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Philosopher Portar, the eternal optimist, was completely useless during the battle. Actually thought a square dance had started and began to sing. :flushed:

Grab your vermin :musical_note:
Swing him round :musical_note:
Cast your spell :musical_note:
And take him down :musical_note:


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LOL at the jokes in the thread. Meanwhile, the bug has been around for a while. From what I’ve seen it only happens when you have the glowing barriers up. It’s like they get caught in the forcefield.

  • Blue light?
  • Attracts bugs?
  • Zaps vermin?

Well, one person’s forcefield is just another person’s bug zapper! :crazy_face:


The Love Bug Revisited


I think I now know at least one way it can happen.

On a previous wave, a monster died during its attack against one of my heroes due to the reflect damage effect.

It basically kamikaze’d my hero and from there on out, every monster in that monster’s former slot stayed right next to my hero. (Got all up in my hero’s personal business and stuff. :crazy_face:)

In other words, the kamikaze monster died before it could return back to its starting position. The next monster to attack from that slot probably starts where the last monster ended. The last monster, the kamikaze monster, did not end in the right place though. So, the next monster does not start in the right place. And so on, and so on. :thinking:

This would explain why we were not seeing this bug when we first started playing (we didn’t have the reflect damage effect) and why it is so rare. It’s not often that reflect damage actually kills a monster during its attack.

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