How to transfer account to new phone?

I’ve been playing wokamon for months but now I have a new phone and when I opened the app in my new phone the game has started over:( How can I transfer my wokamons? Please help!

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Hi @Sushie_Norman

You can go to settings -> SNS Login and login in your Facebook account and login in the same account in the new phone.

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I went to settings and I do not have an option of SNS Login. I also have the wokamon app on this phone but it doesn’t show up under settings. I had an iPhone 4s and now have an iPhone 6s+. Please let me know how to access these wokamon settings.

Have you already loged facebook in your Wokamon?

Yes, I am logged into my fb within wokamon.

I suggest you to:

  1. Delete the Wokamon in the new phone
  2. Press ‘SAVE GAME’ in the previous phone
  3. Install Wokamon in the new phone and login with the same Facebook account

Technically when you done the above steps the original stats will be transfered to the new phone.

@Shikudo-David I am in the same situation, but I don’t have access to saving the game on my previous phone because it suddenly and completely died on me, and won’t even turn on.

Sorry it’s probably the only way to transfer your account to another phone.

Please reset my account. Facebook user Melissa Ostrow.

Hi @Melissa_Ostrow

We already deleted your account.

Hello, I am also in need of an account reset due to switching phones. My FB name is Rose Marie Robb. TIA!

Hi @Colaudgero

We already deleted your account.

Please delete my account, Andrea Pomm on Facebook as I switched from iOS to android