How to sync with Health?

How do you unsync? I have an iPhone 5c and did not realize that health does not count steps with this model and synced and now wokamon will not count my steps because health is not working. I absolutely cannot find an option for unsyncing…

Hi Megan,

You can go to Me Page (Fourth page) on Wokamon and select ‘sync option’ and press ‘play with iPhone’ to unsync Health.

I just updated my iPhone 6 plus and now health is syncing great with my garmin vivosmart however now wacamon is not syncing with health. My health app says I have over 4000 steps and it is set to allow wacamon to read everything and it still says no data for today.


Thanks for your support, for some safety reason we temporarily don’t read 3rd-party data in the health, but we will open authority in the coming versions.


So will I need to download a new version?

@Bringitanna no you don’t. You should be able to connect to Health with your existing version.

Wokamon is not syncing well with Health. Have followed the steps in faq, Wokamon is in source and has access to all data. The discrepancy is large. For eg today Health shows over 4K steps. Wokamon is showing 173. This is happening daily and is diminishing the value of Wokamon’s motivation. Am running it on an iPhone 6s with the current iOS. What else can I do?