How to reload saved pocket plants game (without id name!)

Hi!! I had to change my phone, so I saved my game and the application to an SD card, but it does not appear on my new phone.

To be sure not to lose the data I also backed it up by saving through the settings of the appli, linking it with my facebook account, however I didn’t note down the user name code (it began with an f, but that’s all I remember)

My user name I think was Jessie Conway, (which is my name on fb) but I may have changed it where you can edit it to Jesssie or Jessssie or maybe even Jesssssie

Is there any way to recuperate my game??? I was in the ocean level, I know it’s not so far but I’m so sad, I love this game!!!

Hi Jessie,

Thanks for contacting us via FB. I’m going to mark this as done. Please let us know if you have any other issues. :wink: