How to level up /evolve heroes?

In Fitness RPG, walking is essential to power up your heroes.

[1/3] Use Energy to level up heroes

Level up heroes to increase their strength. Energy can be earned from step conversion and step chests!

[2/3] Use powerful stones to Evolve heroes

Evolving a hero will boost their attributes, unlock additional passive skill slots, increase the level cap and even evolve to an advanced class with powerful skills! Stones are looted from step chests!

[3/3] Use Fit Stones to level up skills

Fit stones are looted from step chests.

Skills are categorized into Main Active Skill, Passive Skill, and Secondary Active Skill

  1. Main Active Skill:

    • Each class has 1 main active skill. They can be casted manually or automatically. Levelup them will increase their effectiveness.
  2. Passive Skill:

    • Each time a hero evolves, they will unlock a new passive skill slot. Each passive skill will boost one of the hero’s attributes. Some special equipment can further enhance passive skills.
  3. Secondary Active Skill:

    • These skills are earned automatically when you evolve a hero to an advanced class. They are cast automatically and can turn the tides of the battle.

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