How to get lots of Legendary runes

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Could anyone tell me some good ways to get legendary runes, please? Knowing that I need to get and spend loads in order to evolve my heroes faster is going to be a slog and a half!

I’d imagine spending honor points is the fastest, or do you get them faster as you progress in the story? I’m on 5-1 I think, on normal.

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The best way is to farm through the glyph mine. You’ll have a better chance to get epic glyphs if you spend the gems rather than watching ads.

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Hi Marspark, thank you for your reply.

I realise I used the wrong word in my question. I’m on about the currency you use in the fit saviour menu. You have the top bit, which uses the purple currency and the bottom with the gold currency.

Are there any better ways to obtain the gold currency other than the honor market? Because I want to be able to evolve my heroes past 6*

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Reach 3-star for all stages and claim the star rewards will be the fastest way.