How to get back leadership?

I wasn’t active for a while and someone took over my leadership in my group I created. Now I want my leadership back. The person is active, so I have no option for take over.

I just want my group back. It makes me really anxious and uncomfortable that some stranger has my group.

Hi @Helouper, thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, leadership can be taken over by officers if the leader is absent for more than 7 days, and by members if the leader is absent for more than 10 days (as listed in the group rules).

If you guys have another channel to communicate, you can ask him/her to transfer the leadership back to you. You can also take it back if the current leader is absent for more than 7~10 days. Make sure you are the first person to click the ‘take over’ button.

Well, that’s a bummer. Please do something about the leadership thing. When I created a group, it’s suppose to be MY group. This is really stupid thing.

I don’t have contact on person who’s now leader, so I’m not going to use this app anymore.