How to get 7* Characters?

How does one get a character to 7*?
Currently in D League, Level 99 and seeing a lot of 7* characters popping up. When I tried to get my Warlock to 7*, it said “Max” and wouldn’t let me go any further, despite having the resources.

Any Guidance?

The orange tokens under the purple tokens advanced power ups in the player screen apparently. But I haven’t got enough orange tokens to unlock yet.

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Ah that makes sense, I saw one for increasing the max level by 2.


Your welcome, any idea how to get those orange tokens (legendary runes)? I’ve only seen them from star completion in the Battle page and from the Daily event dark rush.

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I think that’s pretty much it, doing the Sunday event 3 times is the best way I find, although that does cost 840 crystals.
You can probably buy them for real money in one of the packs I’d imagine as well.

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