How to evolve a hero to 7 stars?

I have two 6-star heroes, as well as materials to evolve one of them. The thing is that it says “max,” and doesn’t let me evolve them any further. Do I have to meet certain requirements apart from having the materials? Thank you!

You just need more advance power ups which use legendary runes. :slightly_smiling_face:

One good place to get them is the Temptation Corps Dark Rush event twice per week.

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Thank you very much, Rhandar! I have seen that legendary runes can also be got through the Arena Shop, but I don’t know if I should spend Honor Points on them or on 6-star equipment. What would you recommend?

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Smart Rhandar knows that you’ll never regret saving them for the 6-star chests. Never. :thinking:

Dumb Rhandar actually spent some to buy a few willpower (No! No! No!) to instantly evolve a mage to 6-stars though, rather than wait a day. He then spent crystals to fight more arena battles to make some of it up. That cost dumb Rhandar some real :moneybag: to pay for more crystals. :scream::grimacing:

Smart Rhandar probably won’t let Dumb Rhandar do that again, but you never know. Dumb Rhandar doesn’t seem to regret it all that much. :crazy_face:

So, no matter what you do, I won’t be judging. :slightly_smiling_face: