How To Choose The Right Guild For You!

So, you want to Join a Guild and aren’t sure
which one to go with?

Or you are already a guild member and you
aren’t sure you picked correctly?

Well Here are a few Tips that will aid you in
making a better choice in which Guild will work
best for you!

  Tip 1. Free slots and level limits.

When looking to join a guild the first thing you need to know is which Guilds are actually open to you.

Each Guild has a minimum player level its
members must meet for to bring accepted. If you
really have you heart set on a specific Guild you can apply to get put on a waiting list and hope to
have this requirement waived.

If you see a guild with its membership at 30/30
there is no room for you, at least for now. If you
want to get in a particular Full Guild you can check
in periodically to see if a member has left or been kicked out for inactivity. Your best bet is to find a smaller newer guild that you want to help grow!

  Tip 2: Mission Statement. 

Most Guilds have a mission statement to give
potential members an idea of how that guild

If you are a player who logs in and plays often
(at least once every 3 days) then you should look
for guild that states its members are required to
be highly actively. These guilds are more preferred
because of the benefits each member gets from

On the other side if you log in only once or
twice a week then you should join a Guild with a
more Casual tagline, otherwise you’ll risk being

*Note: Although many Guilds state that ‘inactive
players will be kicked after X many days of
inactivity’ this isn’t always the case. I have
observed that many Guilds have members that will
go inactive anywhere from 7 to 26 days and longer without being kicked out.

This may be because many guild leaders don’t
actually check on their members or don’t realize
that they need to. Some may believe that
members get kicked automatically or are too nice
to kick out members. Depending on your play style this can be a good or bad thing.

Regardless, you may find that because of this
many Guilds you want to join are full only because
members that aren’t contributing are still

  Tip 3. Checking your Guild Roster.

So, you’re finally a member of a guild that
seems to fit your play style. But how can you be
sure? Does anything seem off? Maybe your Guild
is barely getting 15 check-ins a day even though
you have over 34 members!

Well the best way to check is to take a look at
the members list to see how active your fellow
members are. If you see that a large percentage of members have been inactive and you have a
much more active play style it may be time to
leave and find a guild that will fit you better, Or
maybe even start your own guild.

For players who want the most out of the
game, find a guild that sticks to its guns by kicking
inactive players and whose members are shown to be active daily.

  Now get out there! 

Try a few till you find what works for you and Have fun!


What happens if I joined a guild, am waiting list and now want to leave to another. Do I lose points or are blocked for a time, etc.?