How to change my name displayed

How can I change my Display name in the app so it doesn’t show my full name?

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Unfortunately once you are connected with Facebook, your Facebook name will be displayed. There is a ‘Private mode’ you can choose in game settings and this will hide you from new searches from other players, kind of like a private number in white pages feature. I hope this helps.


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Hi Kiku, Wokamon won’t let you change your username. Once you connect to your Facebook profile, your profile picture cannot be changed, and your full name will permanently be displayed.

I have contacted the app developers about privacy concerns, and they say that changing your name is not a “supported” feature.

I have since requested that my account be deleted.


:scream: Awesome, I was wondering the same thing.

How hard can this feature be? Privacy is a must.

My name and photo in the game doesn’t even match my Facebook profile name and photo.

And no, I don’t want to hide from searches, I want to change the name and avatar.

If this feature is so hard to implement then surely it is easier to implement “Disconnect from Facebook”, don’t tell us it’s impossible too because that’s a violation of Facebook Developers Terms.