How far you got in Dark Rush?


My historical best is around 26 waves on current server, and my all time one at 35 waves. What’s the furthest you ever got in Dark Rush?


‘Vice’ Corps: 42
‘Temptation’ Corps: 46
‘Denial’ Corps: 39
‘Dark Lord’ Corps: 41

Team used is my current arena team, which can be seen in League B on the Power Tablet server.

It’s a warrior, two mages, a priest, and 10 fairly optimized pets.

On the one hand, my warrior doesn’t do much. My third mage isn’t ready for prime time yet though.

On the other hand, at least my warrior no longer needs much. My priest rarely has to heal it and can instead focus on protecting and healing the two mages.

Will be interesting to see what happens when it’s 3 mages and a priest. For Dark Rush, I think that might be optimal. (I don’t think that’s optimal for the arena though, where long-term endurance is not needed and a front row damage sponge is definitely needed.) :thinking:


‘Vice’ Corps: 43
‘Temptation’ Corps: 46
‘Denial’ Corps: 49
‘Dark Lord’ Corps: 46

I’m running two mages, a priest, and a warrior for both of my first two teams. i always run out of rounds now, often before I hit my second team. I’ve tried three mages and a priest, but then I die too earlier and my second team doesn’t have enough firepower to do much. I have not maxed out runes yet, but I think 50 is going to be right around the max just because there are not enough rounds to kill more than that.


That’s what I am going to try at some point. I was hoping that it might work better but like you said, might be too hard to keep 3 mages alive.

I’ve hit 50 on one of them. 51 seems very unlikely anytime soon. Here are my new maximums.

‘Vice’ Corps: 44
‘Temptation’ Corps: 48
‘Denial’ Corps: 45
‘Dark Lord’ Corps: 50

You had a nice run on ‘Denial’ Corps compared to me! I’m guessing your second team made a difference there. Mine is still way too weak to do much.

Thanks for sharing! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hahahaha and here I am on 13 rounds… I have a long way to go XD good job!


Here are my new personal bests if anyone is interested.

‘Vice’ Corps: 45
‘Temptation’ Corps: 50
‘Denial’ Corps: 52
‘Dark Lord’ Corps: 50

It’s getting harder and harder to increase them. I did move from 48 to 50 in ‘Temptation’ Corps today though, thanks to the daily buff being a 5% magical attack boost for mages.

Just barely got it to 50. Everything went fairly optimally. The priest even finished off the last heavily wounded monster with a normal attack just before the event ended. Whew! :crazy_face:

51 in ‘Temptation’ Corps will be a long time from now. Both my mages have 300k+ power. Neither of them can do much more damage from here on out without even better pets. :thinking: