How do we allow more players to join our group?

Hi @marspark , @Shikudo

I would like to know how can more players join a focus plant group. As the group leader, I notice that many people join within the span of 24 hours (or less) and then no one new joins at all. Not even within the span of weeks and a month. The only way more players join the group is if a significant number of players are deleted. Then, the same happens and many players join in a couple hours then, it stops.

How come this happens? I find this to be a significant issue because many people go inactive after joining the group from either deleting the app or no longer playing.

Therefore I’d like to know why this happens and how I may solve the issue of adding members to a group. My group is always public. I have linked all accounts to my game, and I have modified all settings without success of resolving this issue.

Thank you in advanced for your response

Hi @Buk_Lau, thank you for reaching out. There are 2 effective ways to adding more people to your group:

  1. Invite players directly with their game id. You can spread the info in person, on the forum, or on our discord channel.
  2. Remove players who have been absent for a long time. Players will have a chance to see your group in the list if your group’s check-ins/member-count ratio is high.

We are a group (level 4/ 25 capacity) of 5 daily users of the app but there have still not been any additional members joining our group. Is there any chance that joining system may be flawed? Perhaps whenever the group leader opens the app, the group should be hosted back to the top of the open groups list.

I very much like the group feature of the app and I’d love to see this be improved in an update. It would be nice to be able to visit group member’s farms and have greater interactions between friends and group members

Thank you for your great application