How do I recover a saved game?

The app was repeatedly freezing, so I saved my game with Game Center and then deleted and reinstalled the app. When I opened the reinstalled app, it started a new game. How can I access the saved game?

Edit: The old game ID was ryp8p9, and the new one is rd66my.

@olaf have you connected to any 3rd party accounts like Facebook? You can login again to retrieve your data back. Please let me know if you cannot so I can manually transfer your data but anything related to guild will not be restored.

I connected my last game to Game Center, but I don’t know how to retrieve the data from it. The app says it’s connected to Game Center now, and when I click “Open” it says “No Data Available.”

If you don’t know how I can retrieve the data from Game Center, then yes, please manually transfer it.

It would be discouraging to lose my guild membership, though. I had contributed 160 points to EvilCorp.

Hi @olaf, data has been transferred.

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