How do I get more gifts (hearts) to give out?

I have the 200 friends and only 150 gifts (hearts) to give out per day. I maxed the Santa hat Wokamon gifts before the update. I have the brown squirrel Wokamon with blue wings. The wings have leveled to 42 but now that we get upgrades by luck instead of just buying them, I haven’t been able to increase that any further.

How can I upgrade the wings? Is there another wokamon and accessory option that will let me get and give more gifts?

Hi @Karla_Christine, you can level up your accessories in 2 ways:

  1. Continue to draw your items through lucky draw. Each time you draw an accessory you already own, the accessory will level up.
  2. The system will randomly choose 3 items and allow you to level up with topazes every day. They’ll be refreshed during midnight and you can find them in the lucky draw section.

Thank you but unfortunately despite my doing both of those things for a couple of months now (lucky draw and waiting for the accessory to come up for purchase) I have not been able to level up those wings.

Besides the gift accessory (maxed) and the wings (not coming up) is there another way to get more hearts?

Hi Karla,

Have you tried collecting the blue shoe accessories from Cocon the greenish raccoon/cat Wokamon with the white wings? That would be another 100 possible likes.

Thank you. I’ll be hatching an egg soon. I’ll get that one next.

The wings came up yesterday as the accessory and I got as many as I could. I have enough for each of my friends now. If I can only have 200 friends, what do I do with with more hearts? Can we get more friends?

@Karla_Christine I would suggest to hold on upgrading those accessories until we open room for more friends. This is a server issue and we’ll look into it this patch. Thanks!